Beginners Courses for 2022!

John Copsey Chairman

2 min read

If you are starting out in our sport or are returning after some time, we can help!

We are organising two BEGINNERS’ COURSES where you can learn essential skills to play enjoyable badminton.

  • Rackets, kit and grips
  • Rules and scoring
  • The court
  • Movements and stands, for Singles and Doubles
  • The serves
  • Lifts and drives
  • Smashes and drops

Each session runs for just 60 minutes and then you can play and improve with our experienced members for another hour. A course runs for six individual hours, over six weeks. Start time is 7.30 pm on Wednesday evenings at Simon Langton Boys School, Canterbury.

When you register for a course you will become an Associate Member of the Club. PLEASE NOTE; Numbers per course are no more than eight, so please get in touch soon to secure your place!

  • COURSE 1 - 12th January 2022
  • COURSE 2 - 23rd March 2022

If you want to join a course then please complete a registration form and send it to John (email address is on the form), or use our online form to contact us.


Is this course for everyone?
Yes for anyone over 18 yoa regardless of ability or experience

What happens if I miss a class?
It is much better if you do all six classes, but let us know when you have time problems and we’ll help you to catch up

I have no racquet!
We’ll loan you a racquet. BUT please make sure you wear “non-marking” trainers

What is the cost?
You pay the same sub as our members (£6.00 per meeting) and that covers 120 minutes each evening

Associate, what does that mean?
You become a Club Member and so affiliated to Badminton England which includes Insurance

Are you Members friendly and helpful?
Yes... you will find them welcoming and helpful