• 2007

    Discussions with Badminton England to set up a new club as a copy of the old Sturry Badminton Club (now Shuttlebusters BC) which had been started by those who became executives of RBC

  • 2008

    Racqueteers Badminton Club meets for the first time

  • 2008

    Racqueteers Juniors first meeting

  • 2010

    RBC organises two coach educational courses at Spires Academy. This results in nine new level 2 awards and 33 level 1s

  • 2011

    Badminton England sets up Community Badminton Networks. RBC is appointed as The Hub Club

  • 2012

    RallyKats starts with twelve new players

  • 2012

    Racqueteers in partnership with Langton Schools, Barton Court and Canterbury High operates Satellite Clubs. Overall this introduces more than 250 children to our sport

  • 2014

    James Mills joins as Head Coach and develops standards of both juniors and adults.

  • 2018

    Four Juniors attend UKCC course and receive Level 1 Awards

  • 2019

    RBC Executive meets and decides to form CABA and two new adult clubs (Wye and Dover)